meditator detector

tshirt fin
When I discovered meditation, I didn’t know anyone else who meditated. It left me pretty alone to discuss the experiences, good or bad. But soon that changed. I started bringing up meditation and my new practice in casual conversation or a party, and I would find that the person I was talking to also meditated! There was lots of people, many of them close friends, who had a daily practice. I just had no easy way to tell in advance.  What I needed was like a metal detector, but for meditators!

Using a relatively advanced technology, this shirt was created. You put it on, and walk into public. Instantly, the meditators reveal themselves with smiles on the their faces. They read the shirt and light up like candle. Walk down a city street and you’ll be surprised how many fellow practitioners you’ll discover.

These has been prototyped. You can easily make your own for less than $20 at Spreadshirt or other online stores.

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