mindful spoon

spoon fin

You’re at breakfast, putting food in your mouth, reading the paper or on your phone. You lift up your head, the food is gone, the meal is done, and you weren’t there for any of it. That how we often practice mindlessness, three meals a day.

But eating can also be an great place to learn, and this spoon can help. With each bite, it suggests you attend to one thing: chew your food. Don’t reach for the next bite, beginning to think about how that’s is going to taste. Chew your food. Observe what’s in your mouth, how it feels, how this bite tastes. You might also consider how it got to you, the people who made it, the strange and amazing path that it made its way to your mouth. There could be a lot of gratitude in that.

The mindful spoon was designed for breakfast, but it can be used at any meal. Start your day by attending the ordinary activity of eating. Wake up to your breakfast.

“When you wash and dry a single spoon and give it your full attention, you are expressing care for the entire universe.”

—Gary Thorp, “The Dust Beyond the Cushion”

About 10 prototypes were created.

This is also easily ordered online. There are may sellers on Etsy that will create a custom spoon for less that $10.

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