minifig repair kit

lego fin

Take a look at all the Lego minifigs. Just like us they are busy, preoccupied with an job to do, a role in life, something to attain. They are ALWAYS working, ALWAY doing. If you try to build a Lego, meditation center, good luck. You will not find any minifig heads with eyes closed.

But this small repair you can change everything. With a razor and a ultrafine sharpie, you can adjust the eyes of any minifig to a more inward state.

Within a few minutes you can bring peace of mind, quite permanently.


1. use razor blade to remove minifigs eyes (this does not hurt them)
2. use ultrafine sharpie to draw a set of closed lids

You can purchase all the supplies for this at most drug stores or hardware stores for less that $5.

NOTE: Strongly recommend you consult children before you convert all their minifigs more a mindful state.

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