Mindful Dog Walking


Many of use forget that our dogs are master teachers, eager to help us develop our practice. Every day they remind us to go out and take our walking meditation. These patient guides go so far as to lead us by leash. The sniff repeatedly, cueing us to breathe.

But many of us forget. We put on headphones, music or a podcast, and skip this important daily lesson. We could just walk, like them, feeling our feet against the ground, following their example of simply being. But instead, most days we disappear into some  thought-world.

Despite our mindlessness, these teachers return again the next day, eager to take us on our walking meditation, eager to help us begin again.

The Mindfulness Instructor leash is a reminder that this every walk is an opportunity to practice. We don’t need to go somewhere else in our screens, headphones or minds. We  can follow the instructor and grab the leash.


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