Listening Wire


Listening, real listening, is a form of meditation. You tune yourself to the other person and attend to them. But it’s not our normal behavior. When we’re in conversation, we’re often listening to respond. We have an inner voice that’s busy thinking about how does this story relate to me, what can I say next, how can my response look smart or funny or cool.

You can short-circuit this behavior with the Listening Wire. One person elects to just listen, the other person will speak. Each grab the appropriate ring and gently pull the wire taut. The speaker then begins, the and listener just listens, maybe asking questions but mostly holding space and receiving the other person. You hold the wire tight to remind the person your listening. You don’t need to talk to remind them you’re engaged, and you can be mostly silent. Periodically, you can give the wire a tug, like a fish, to tell them you’re on the line.

This is still a prototype. One was made using the MyIntent Kit. Thank you, Chris Pan!

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