silent meditation, on vinyl

final cover copy

We just finished our Kickstarter (woo hoo!) but you can pre-order you copy for $20 right  if you missed it. They should ship in early May.

Order here from Light in the Attic records.

If you have questions you can email us at antonow [at]

And here are some articles if you really want to read EVEN MORE about this project!

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HiFi (Russia)
Yahoo News (Germany)
Trax Mag (France)
UOL (Brazil)

Drop the needle on the record, close your eyes, and listen. No sound, no narration, no chimes to begin or end. The silence creates a space, and you can watch things appear.

There are many great recordings of guided meditations. But having a record that is dedicated to silence also seems important. It’s a concrete act, being able to sit down and play an album of silence, like meditation itself. It’s a form of doing, that paradoxically can turn into just being.

This doesn’t require a record player to be fully enjoyed. Technically, it doesn’t even require this record.

This will contain two meditations, each side with 20 minutes of complete silence. We plan to launching this on Kickstarter in February, and print a few hundred copies on 140g clear vinyl.

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