portraits in public meditation

This book contains portraits of people meditating in public spaces.

Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 12.28.19 PM.png

Public Meditations

Seeing something makes it easier to do.

Our goal is to make mediation in public an ordinary activity. As people see others meditating in public, it becomes easier to discover and practice.

As a species, we learn through mimicry. When we see something – in photos or in the world – it becomes easier to learn. As long as meditation stays mostly private, learning it and doing it is harder. It’s as if a spell has been cast on meditation, keeping it hidden and private. You can help break the spell.

Share these photos and help make public meditation easier. You can find them on Instagram or Twitter.

And if you meditate regularly, please take some your practice public. Coffee shop, bus stop, airport or on the train, by letting someone see your practice, you become a teacher and make it easier for others. So even if it’s only one meditation out of the next hundred, we encourage you to do it in public.

Some wonderful teachers and organizers helped make this happen. You can see a preview of the photos here.

– Photographs by Amanda Kelso (mostly) and Eric Antonow.

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