Welcome, future. Or perhaps the future of the present.

The Center’s mission is advance tools that make meditation easier, more possible for more people. Tools take many forms, but we’re particularly excited about physical tools and tools that incorporate humor.

First, meditation is abstract. It’s sport without balls or sticks, points or finish lines. That abstraction is difficult enough for some people, that they can’t grab the handle of mediation. Even after they’ve held it once, it can easily drop away.

Second, meditation has a history of being severe. In some traditions this a bigger issue. The tone or instruction can feel punitive. That may have worked in a monastic tradition or a harsher culture and time. Or by association meditation may be carrying a burden from other religions. We think anything the looks like contemplation, reflection or inwardness is very serious. In either case, this probably cause some people to avoid or abandon practice.

Tools that can change these, add concreteness or humor, are worth exploration. We’re excited to highlight the work of others in this field. We will also invest in prototyping technologies to provide examples of what we’re actually talking about.

Thank you for your interest in the Center for the Advancement of Meditation Technologies. We look forward to seeing your tools, toys, prototypes, cartoons, songs, and overall creative work.