reminder patch

med patch b*&w
Finding the time to meditate is strangely difficult. It’s super easy make excuses, to push it to later. I’m in a rush, have too many things to get done.

So the question is when? And the answer is now. Now is a good time. (Seriously, stop reading this. Take a moment right now.)

We live in a world with notifications, calendars, lists, all reminders to do stuff. As an antidote, we designed this as a reminder. Don’t do stuff: just to take a moment.

This self-adhesive notification patch answers the perennial question, ‘when should I meditate? Stick this on your meditation cushion or chair and it will call out to you first thing in the morning. Put it on the back of your phone, and it will be more persistent than any buzz or notification.

Over 5,000 of these 2 inch patched were embroidered and shared.

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